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I’d rather believe Jim


It was Eric who told me about it.  I wanted to be the first but I hadn’t seen it. I don’t believe he really saw it but he always had to be the first and the best with everything.  He said that he had seen the police fighting with Jim’s dad and that Jim’s dad had knocked out two of them and it had taken five of them to throw him in the wagon.

Later, when I met up with Harry in our club under the canal bridge, he’d told me he had not been there but he had heard his mum telling the news man all about it.  There had been ten cops and Jim’s dad had wounded five of them and he’d escaped.

I believed Eric, even though I don’t   think he had really been there. Harry always boasted about everything; he wanted to be better than Eric. I suppose really I was jealous.  I would have loved to have been there and been able to tell them what had happened and not them telling me.

Jim was my best pal and I wanted to hear the story from him.  We’d meet every day after school.  We used to be in the same class but he’d been chucked out for bad language and aggravation. My mum hadn’t liked me palling out with him and she didn’t really like Eric and Harry, “ but they’re a couple of comical buggers. ” She admitted, when they made her laugh with their bullshit.  Mum didn’t like Jim’s dad either because, when my dad used to meet him in the pub, my dad would come home drunk and cause trouble.

The cops were frightened of Jim’s dad.  He’d been in the nick a lot and was a gangster but I liked him.  He would give Jim and me money to buy stuff and sometimes he’d give us a couple of fags. His woman, not Jim’s real mother, was a real good looker and always friendly to me but my mum didn’t like her either.

“Tell us about it then.” I asked Jim when I met up with him the day after his dad had the barney with the cops.

“I’ve just been down the nick to see the old man.” Jim had boasted. “Two broken ribs and a bleeding cut eye and my old man didn’t give a shit. He just laughed at the coppers.”

Everyone wanted to be a pal of Jim’s after his dad’s bit of bother with the policemens.  But he told me I was still his best mate.  We all pissed ourselves and thought it was great when he told us what really had happened.  “The bleeding traffic had to stop for the barney”  He’d boasted “Mi dad’s mates cum out of the boozer and wanted to get into it with the cops but it was mi dad who fought’m. “All on his bleedin’ ownsome.”

I’m still not sure of how many cops he really did beat up but the last I heard it was twenty.


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Not so young man about town who, having witnessed and enjoyed life, is presently having fun, writing about those by-gone times and life in general.

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